Month: January 2014

Tiny jungle

I have found a lush oasis of primitive greenery in an otherwise gray and barren world. ( I am no botanist; I think it is a fern or something.)


The Midgardian female gets the most unusual things in the post. Looking at this catalog makes me long for glorious battle. Oh, to be contemplating the scattered bones of my foes and not mere “anatomically accurate reproductions!” And if one of the skulls could be Odin’s… (It’d be pretty distinctive, I should think, with that ruined eye socket.)

I feel bloodthirsty and agitated and thwarted and…lonely. My plans for conquest aren’t progressing as well as I’d hoped. Is there any point? Perhaps Midgard is not the place for me? Bah! Enough! I am Loki! I will triumph!


I have stowed away with the Midgardians while they travel. We have been staying in a plain- looking inn. But see what I have found! This is surely a teleportation chamber! It is very cold outdoors, and a trip to the beach would be most enjoyable. All I need do is step on the “start” button…


The promised snow apocalypse did not manifest as anything more than a smattering of sleet, a little black ice, and some truly stupid driving. Admittedly, the traffic snarls are amusing… But the real disappointment is finding out that none of the magnificent, fierce creatures pictured here is larger than the point of a pin. Oh, Rotifera, together we could have ruled the world…