Day: February 11, 2014

What’s for lunch.

So. It would appear that today, the first course is a delectable blue fruit, the main course is a sort of baked fish, and the sweet course is a large pink hoop (?) that will take me approximately one week to finish. (“Share” is not in my vocabulary.)

So what will Loki have for lunch?

A passerby asked what I was having for lunch.

I was planning to feast upon the entrails of my enemies, washed down by the tears of their women. They all appear to be hiding in terror, though, so I shall content myself with whatever I can find on the female human’s desk.

Soup *again*?

The human female’s insistence on a hot meal when the weather is cold– even if she remains indoors– is just one more example of how weak these Midgardians are. They will be no match for my Joutunheim strength when the subjugation of their world begins.

But that does smell appetizing…