Day: February 16, 2014

A long walk

I am feeling mostly recovered from the drubbing I took the other day. The weather is nice, so I took my definitely single self for a walk. The Midgardians reckon this a lucky plant and say one can make wishes with it. I wish for no more female entanglements!

I felt well enough to play some hide and seek. Somehow, when I’m not using magic, I always get found. I don’t get it.

I climbed a tree. My beefy (and beefy-headed) brother Thor can uproot and bend oak trees. But I am faster and more nimble at climbing them. I always used to beat him to the top, and I bet I still could.

I shimmied down and had a nice lie-in in a patch of tiny purple
flowers. The bees wouldn’t dare tangle with me. Would they?

(The human female garbled out the Latin name for this plant, but I never listen when she starts talking botany.)

This vine, on the other hand, I should like to know more about.

Look at the prickles! I can think of all sorts of uses for it.

There is a lot to do on a walk. I had to poke this lichen. I don’t trust it.

I tried on a new hat. Hmmm. It fits well, don’t you think? Or is it too much like a tam-o-shanter? I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a Scotsman. Scotsmen wear skirts. The rightful King of Asgard does not. (Not usually, anyway.)

I chose a nice moss cushion in the shade for a picnic spot. (The human female says moss is underappreciated. Or, at least, I think that’s what she said. I was distracted.) I found a tasty berry for lunch. It’s important to know how to live off the land, just in case circumstances ever dictate.

Later, the berry and I had a slight disagreement. Note to self : Pay attention when the female rattles on about plants…