Day: February 25, 2014

Still searching…

…for my dear Sigyn and for real money. (I could, of course, buy a horse with illusory coinage, and I quite like the thought of the look on Gunnehilde’s fat face when the gold eventually and inevitably turns to sand and oak leaves. (No, wait. Mud. Mud and nettles. Mud and nettles and small dead creatures. Yes.) However, she might take it out on Sigyn, and I cannot risk that.

I am also still exploring the campus, looking for the perfect place to site my palace. It must occupy a place of command and be imposing yet comfortable. Most of the newer buildings are uninspired boxes. It is as if there were a stiff tax on curves for several decades running and the mewling regents were too pinch-pursed to pay it. Take, for instance, the Architecture Buildings. I am told they are the ugliest two on campus, and I believe the tale. I may be weary of Asgard and its more irksome denizens, but even I will admit that its buildings soar and shine.* These two piles of concrete make its merest cowsheds look like temples. I have them penciled in for a loud and spectacular demise when next I feel the desire to really break something. If, however, once Sigyn is safely mine, Gunnehilde is found to be under the rubble when the dust settles, so much the better.

>|: [          (I have been learning about “emoticons”  Do you think this suits?)

* Odin’s giant golden throne, though?  Much as I may have coveted it, it’s just plain ostentatious. He’s obviously over-compensating.