Day: February 28, 2014


My attempts at alchemy failed, I admit. It took all night to grow my hair back in, and I’m *tired.* And itchy.

So. Fall back on what I do best: watch, wait, plan, and, yes, sneak. (Grow up in a “family” like mine, and see if you aren’t forced to make your own way while all the fuss and opportunities go to big-blond-and-dumb.)

I am out for another little walk on campus, surveying my domain, looking for things I could.. appropriate and trade for my horse and a meeting with Sigyn.

I have encountered this statue. Obviously the local Midgardians revere him. Must have been a scholar or statesman–clearly, he is no warrior. He is identified as Lawrence Sullivan Ross. Why is it that all the big men in this part of the realm seem to have three names? I scarcely have two–I am not Odinson, nor do I wish really to be Laufeyson. Loki Friggafosterson? What a mouthful! And even that leaves me one name short. The mortals will just have to get used to having one ruler with one name, at whose mention all shall kneel. In any case, my statue will look better atop this plinth than this old fellow.

But what’s this? Monetary offerings? It is the custom to leave tributary or propitiatory coinage at the feet of this Lawrence? I shall stand here and intercept the funds!