Day: March 3, 2014

What an odd creature…

There is certainly some straaaange architecture on this campus. Sometimes I really wonder about the people who built this place.

I mean, what manner of beast is this? At first I took it for a bird of some sort, maybe even one of Odin’s ravens sent to spy upon me. People say that *I’m* nosy and into everything, but Huginn and Munnin! Those two have poked their vicious beaks into all corners of the nine realms. Some day I shall pluck them bald and stuff a sofa cushion with their inky feathers and sit on it and laugh.

But no. It’s not a raven. Imagine my excitement–the human female says that this is a “bold evil!” Just the sort of ally I can use, if it was sculpted from real life and I can find the model. Just look at that wicked beak and that fine beady eye!

[later] By Fandral’s Foppish Fripperies! I am now given to understand that this gorgeous creature

a) was sculpted in the last century and
b) is nothing but a tiny insect known for gnawing on vegetable fibers.

I feel a bit better knowing it was capable of devastating whole systems of agriculture, but wouldn’t it be even better if it were eight feet tall and could oh, I don’t know–spit acid?

>|: [


Yesterday I took a stroll in the garden. I found a convenient little throne and had a good think. (So much more comfortable than Odin’s golden monstrosity which is, frankly, a pain in the ass-gard. I know. I’ve sat it in it when no one was looking.)

I’ve been over and over my plan. Tomorrow I will meet Gunnehilde, buy my horse, and greet my beloved Sigyn for the first time. It is bitterly cold here today, and I hear that more freezing precipitation is possible tonight, but come Hel, high water, or Ragnarok itself, tomorrow is the day.

Oh, I am so excited! Finally, something is going my way! How shall I spend the hours between now and then? I suppose I could always walk around the campus some more and laugh at all the bundled-up Midgardians. What a weak and puny race they are.