Day: March 7, 2014

Glad to wake up…

I had the strangest dream this afternoon when I nodded off after lunch. I had *finally* met up with Sigyn under the Courting Oak and we were sharing an outdoor meal. Except there was no proper picnic food, only some large, fluffy, starchy objects. Sigyn pretended to be pleased, but I could tell that she, like me, was disappointed and at a loss how to eat such a thing. I was mightily embarrassed.

And then Thor showed up to spoil things further. Or rather, it was Thor and not Thor. He was in his usual black and red, but he was a small, crawling insect with a tiny voice. "Hail, brother!" he peeped. "Who is this delectable wench?" Then he sniggered suggestively. Before I could decide whether or how to squash him (my staff was somehow missing), I woke up.

Can you tell I’m nervous about tomorrow?