The picnic, part I

I scarcely slept last night for thinking about today. I was up at dawn, fretting about the weather. It is not the sunniest day for a picnic, but spring is definitely in the air.

On my way here I found some wildflowers growing and picked them for my beloved. (The human female says they are called "ragwort," which is a horrible name, but they are bright and cheerful.)

I have laid out a nice little meal under the Courting Tree–fruit and cheese and crackers and a loaf of fresh bread. I have cold milk and some cute mugs to drink it from. (I magicked Sigyn’s lovely face onto one of them so she will know it is hers.) For dessert, I have an assortment of cookies. (I do like cookies. Why do we not have them in Asgard? Sometimes I think my life would have been very different if I had only had cookies growing up…)

I even have some grass for the horses.

I hope she will like all of this But… What if her taste runs to huge, meaty feasts, which is possible, since she is of the Aesir…? What if she is a vegetarian (rare in Asgard, but they do exist) or dislikes cheese? Should I change things? Should there be wine instead of milk? Would that be better? Do I need to go get something else?

Helmet on or off? Is my armor too intimidating? Should I have worn something else?

Oh, here she comes! What shall I do? What shall I say?! I was never so frightened facing frost giants or legions of berserkers. What if she doesn’t like me? What if…..


I needn’t have worried. She is perfection itself. It is all going very– Oh, no!

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