Day: March 11, 2014

Still don’t know where we are…

I did manage to get us on to one of the transports. Try as I might, I could not stay awake. When we awoke, we found ourselves in an utterly different place.

This isn’t any of the nine realms, as far as I know. What it is is hot. The sun is beating down and there is no shade, no plants, no water. The frost giant in me does not like it one little bit, and I am sure Sigyn is also uncomfortable.

I have chosen a direction at random, working on the theory that if we keep going we shall eventually encounter some sort of settlement or someone who can help us. (The notion that this place is entirely uninhabited does not bear thinking about.) We have been walking for what seems like days. But I must admit that this country offers some variety–there are apparently two sorts of rocks from which to choose: small, nasty rocks that shift about underfoot and larger, nastier rocks that must be climbed over.