The end of a very long, very confusing day…

*Yawn* It is hard for me to believe that just day before yesterday I was on Midgard. All the magic, the transport center, the traveling, the hiking through the wilderness, the eating of strange foods–it all seems so unreal.

Through it all, Sigyn has been most brave and uncomplaining, but she cannot go on much farther. Neither, truth to tell, can I. We must rest.

I have found a small cave in which we can pass the night. The opening is small enough to defend against marauding beasts, if there are any. (I do not know whether to be relieved or nervous that we have not seen any so far. What does tomorrow hold?) The inside is lined with beautiful purplish crystals. If I can chip one loose, it might be worth something, someday, somewhere.

So now we are tucked up as safely and comfortably as we can be, given that we have no blankets save my cloak, no food, and nothing to start a fire with. All we can do is make the best of it.

The unfamiliar stars are pretty.

The fates have an odd way of granting wishes. I dreamed of holding my Sigyn close and falling asleep with her head on my shoulder, but not like this.

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