Day: March 17, 2014

Some days it doesn’t pay to crawl out of the cave.

Some days it doesn’t pay to crawl out of the cave.

We passed a restless night last night. Pretty purple crystals are not very comfortable to sleep on. Also, the desert cools off pretty rapidly at night. (On the plus side, Sigyn apparently likes to cuddle when she is cold, though she talks in her sleep. I must remember to ask her who “Blinky” is.)

That is the least of my worries, however. First light revealed some deeply disturbing side effects from last night’s dinner of dark blue berries. Sigyn screamed when she saw me, which puzzled and hurt me, since she has become somewhat used to my presence and, while I dare not hope she has come to love me yet, I had not thought that she finds me alarming. When I beheld her sweet face, though, I uttered an oath of my own.

We can still see and hear and speak, but even if we find help today, who is going to want to come anywhere near us?!