Day: March 18, 2014

Talking and walking

It’s later in the afternoon now, and the berry-headedness has *finally* worn off, except for some faint blue shadows under our eyes–but then again, that might just be sleeplessness.

We have been walking all day, talking as we go. I have learned more about Sigyn. For example, her favorite color is red. (I could have guessed.) I did not know, though, that she is only half Asgardian. Her mother was Midgardian, Gunnehilde (on whose head may there be fleas innumerable) and a half-brother, Harrnir, are full Asgardian, the children of the late father’s first wife. Sigyn has lived back and forth between the two realms. When she was just a little lass, her parents betrothed her to a wealthy Asgardian merchant. She says she has met him several times and has found him cruel and cold. She seems glad to be free of the entanglement. I have myself been called cruel and cold (among many other things), but I find myself wanting to be kind–and even honest–with this gentle being. May my life be forfeit if I ever cause her one moment’s grief.

Blinky was her beloved childhood pet, a small brown rabbit with floppy ears. I gather he met an untimely end, but she did not divulge details. Best not to dwell.

I have shared a little about myself, though of course my fame (or infamy, if you insist) precedes me. She already knew about the dysfunctional collection of larger-than-life personages that make up my foster family. I counted for her the times Thor and I have tried to kill one another, in jest or in earnest. That and my Jotun heritage did not seem to shock her overmuch. I hope this means she can see “past my past” and learn to like me for myself, and not just as a means to escape an arranged marriage.

We have discovered a mutual loathing of modern Midgardian music and a shared enthusiasm for libraries and pudding.

So although we are tired and footsore, it has been rather a good day.

Wait… What is that? This is the first sign of any creature we have seen. By Heimdal’s horned helmet, whatever it is is rather large–and closing fast. No! Sigyn! Sigyn, wait! I do not think the “kitty” wants to be friends!

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