Day: March 19, 2014

One d__n thing after another.

That was close. I have been missing my magic powers, but never so much as when I saw that hell-cat with my dear Sigyn in its clutches. I was able to frighten it away with pokes from my staff, a lot of very loud yelling, and a few well-thrown rocks. Poor Sigyn is a bit scratched and sore, but otherwise whole.

Great Frigga’s corset! Here comes something else, and it is even larger than the cat! It looks like an armored mountain. It is ponderously slow, though, so perhaps we can outrun it… Run Sigyn!

Augh! It’s slow, but taking massive strides! It’s gaining! And it is obvious it means to eat us! No, teeth, but look at those jaws–they could snap us in half. And it seems to be attracted by Sigyn’s red clothing.

We must turn and fight or it will trample and devour us…