Day: March 20, 2014

Utterly exhausted…

I don’t know what that carapaced behemoth was, or why it wanted so badly to eat us. I’m just glad it’s gone. When it opened that cavernous maw to eat my Sigyn, I stabbed its tongue. I didn’t do much damage, but the beast turned its head inside out, or something to that effect. Anyway, the head went back into the hard part and it pulled its legs inside as well, leaving just a bony boulder which, two seconds before, had been poised to make my beloved its lunch.

This is a very strange world. I do not care for it at all. I would almost rather go back to Midgard and face down Gunnehilde the Grumpy than stay here. But without my magic, I don’t know how that’s going to happen.

Right now we need to sit down and rest for a bit. This is a nice patch of turf. We are completely worn out and…

….By Tyr’s missing digits! What in the nine realms is that?! That is even uglier than a bilgesnipe and has more legs than any creature ought to have. Sigyn, back away slowly. No, forget that! Run! Go! Too late!