Day: March 23, 2014

Unexpected company

Well, that’s the last of them. One by one, the little mechanicals slowed to a stop and fell by the wayside. Out of power, I suppose. The largest one held out the longest, but even it has ground to a halt and is now a hill and a bit behind us. We’ll never know what they wanted, or what they hoped to find, following us.


I was right about our eventually finding a city. We’ve been walking through one for half an our or so now. Unfortunately, it is in ruins and completely deserted. On every side are the crumbling remains of roads and buildings. At one time, this must have been a bustling hub of commerce, but now there is only rubble. Once, I had magic that could have compelled the stones to speak, but now I am powerless. I do not like how the wind mutters through the broken walls, and Sigyn has stopped singing. The echoes are too eerie.

Wait! Over there! What was that? I think I saw something move…And that! That was definitely a footstep. Someone is here! Sigyn, stick clo—-