No time to think.

Beyond "I’m sorry," there is only time to think, "If Sigyn and I are going down, I am taking as many of you bastards with me as I can."

No magic, dammit, but I have dealt with a few with my staff, and I’ve used it to knock away two of their grenades. I have kept them off Sigyn, and she has been doing some nimble ducking of her own.

Ironically, there are so many of them that they can’t use their guns too much at such close quarters without hitting their own or taking too much precious time with every shot.

Aha! Now I have managed to get one of their weapons and can return fire. Where is Sigyn? Oh, my heart–where is Sigyn?!

What?! How did she —? By the nine realms, I had no idea she had it in her! That’s my girl! All right, then! Let me hop up here and I’ll cover our retreat. Floor it!

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