Day: March 25, 2014

Dazed and confused

I can scarcely believe we escaped. It was a very close thing and owes more to luck than anything else. I know I shot some of our attackers. Sigyn did too, amazing girl, but I am not sure she knows she did. She was firing pretty wildly and not actually aiming. She also ran over a couple of them. I don’t think she realizes that, either. I have praised her for her quick thinking and very effective driving, and I think I will leave it at that. She doesn’t have the killer instinct (as I do) and was simply in “get out of here NOW” mode. It would devastate her to know that she actually killed someone.

Me, I don’t care. Shoot at me and mine, take your chances.

At any rate, we fired until we ran out of ammunition and took turns driving until the vehicle ran out of fuel. We were not pursued, so I can only assume the remaining members of that ambush didn’t have another transport and are happy enough just to have us gone.

We spent the night in the middle of nowhere, having made a meal of such rations as were stashed in the vehicle. Not much–some sort of protein bar, I think. There was also a container of green goo, but we could not decide whether it was meant to be food, medicine, or axle lubricant, so we left it alone.

So now we are on foot again, heading in the same direction as before we were attacked, since that seems to lead into an area that is (or was) inhabited–still our best chance for getting out of here.

(a bit later…)

Odin’s left eyebrow! Not again. Sigyn seems to think this little goober (her word–she’s been on Midgard too long) means us no harm. She is such a trusting soul. I am reserving judgment.