Day: April 1, 2014

A day just for me.

What fun! Apparently I have arrived back on Midgard, magic restored, just in time for the annual feast of tricks and knavery. All hail the God of Mischief!

I have arranged a little something for…well, I suppose she is my sister-in-law now, isn’t she? If one can’t play pranks on one’s own family, then who *can* one play for a fool?

The effect should be temporary, but sometimes I just don’t know my own strength. Ehehehehehe.

>|: [

Note:  I’d have altered her voice to suit, but she already sounds like a hacksaw going through cinderblock, so nothing necessary in that direction…

I have returned

The Great Goober was as good as his mumbled word. Sigyn and I arrived safely back on Midgard near the end of a pleasantish spring day. It must be that travel broadens one, because it looks smaller and somewhat shabbier than I remember. Nonetheless, I look forward to sharing it with my dearest.

And behold! My magic is restored! This backwater realm will yet be mine! I have plans, oh yes, I have plans. I will show this world that even the smallest of men may cast a very large shadow…