Just this once.

Sigyn is taking to life in this part of Midgard like Volstagg to a pie-eating contest. She has struck up a friendship with the human female. I think they share a love of flowers and fabric and beads and other girlish things. I heard them prattling today about how it is the season for the bluehats and Endyion paintbuckets to bloom. (I think that’s right–when the human drones on about plants I tend to tune out and use the time more profitably, by thinking about weapons and how I can seize control of the global financial system.)

But I will do anything to make my Sigyn happy, so we went out today to look at some wildflowers. She liked the little purple ones very much.  I am glad no one was nearby with a camera. If Thor got wind of me–God of Mischief and rightful King of Asgard–lolling about among the posies, I would never live it down.

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