A tour

I have been showing Sigyn around campus. (All she has seen up to now is the Courting tree.)

She likes the statue of that Lawrence Sullivan Ross Fellow. She thinks he has a kind face. She was impressed at how the coins at his feet pile up as the semester progresses. (I must remember to check back around the time of final exams. I’m sure I could acquire funds enough to begin work on my palace.) She does not think I should take the money, though–but what disappears into my pockets while she is not looking won’t worry her.

We found *more* money in another statue, between the pages of a big bronze book. I have heard that this one is supposed to represent the future or the power of books or some such sentimental nonsense, but it appears to me that the book is trying to EAT the children, who do not have much hope of escape.

My kind of statue.

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