Day: April 4, 2014

Guess what I did?

While no one was about, I sneaked into one of the Bio 111 labs. See those beakers full of autoclaved microcentrifuge tubes? The ones the students will be putting their precious DNA into in lab next week?

Well, on Friday, after Prep Staff went home, I licked them . That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Each and every one has *MY* DNA in it. Once those go through about 35 PCR* cycles, there will be 68 billion copies of my DNA in every tube.

All Loki, all the time.

>|: ]

p.s. Deal with it.

Of bats and boxes

There are these boxes all over campus. I have heard people call them “bat boxes.”

Now, I am not a biologist, but every now and then, when I am at “work” with the human female and really, truly bored, I will leaf through her books. I do not know much about Chiroptera (bats,) but I believe that they prefer darker, more secluded, more enclosed roosting boxes. I also doubt that they line their roosts with reading material, though I can see that newspaper would be useful for catching all the guano.