Day: April 6, 2014

Bluehats and paintbuckets

It is cold and gray today, and a bit nippy (the frost giant in me doesn’t mind), but the wildflowers are looking rather fine. I understand that there is a law in this part of Midgard that each child, pet, and courting couple must be photographed among them, so Sigyn and I have come out to get a closer look and see what the fuss is about. (Not that I care about laws, mind you–I do what I want–but I would not like my dearest to fall afoul of the local constabulary.)

I am unable to decide whether the bluehats are very small trees or very, very large herbaceous plants. As you can see, we have climbed them, so I am leaning toward trees.

She is too sweet-to complain, but I can tell Sigyn is disappointed that she cannot actually wear one of the blossoms as a hat. I shall have to find her a blossom that does fit her pretty head. And do not get me started on the paintbuckets! Colorful they may be, but here is nothing in the least bucketty about them. When I rule this realm, I shall make sure all the plants have names that are not so deceptive and lame.

We did not have any proper wedding portraits made, but I think these will do quite well.

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