Day: April 7, 2014

More campus meanderings

This large, fluffy… thing fell out of a tree and landed in front of us. Sigyn thinks it is some sort of animal and wants to take it home as a pet. I do not trust it….

These are the feet of another “famous” man with the requisite three names–James Earl Rudder. I have never heard of him, so he cannot have done many mighty deeds. Also, there are no monetary offerings here, so clearly he is useless as a source of funds–or help on exams. When I rule the campus, I will erect a statue of Sigyn here, that all may admire her beauty.

There are a number of these maroon bikes on the campus. Apparently they are meant to be used as needed and shared. “Share” is not in my vocabulary, so this one is mine now. (Though I must pad the basket before I can give Sigyn a ride in it.)

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