Day: April 8, 2014

Rules are meant to be broken

Now we are at the Memorial Student Center, which was built as a tribute to fallen warriors, which is a fitting thing. However, there is a rule about not walking on the grass. I am a god. I walk where I want.

Neener, neener, neener*! I am on your grass.

Now we are in the flag room, where battle banners are displayed. This…this..mere foot-soldier dares to lecture me about removing my helm in this building. Mortal, I would blast you into a fine powder if I didn’t think it would upset Sigyn. If I ever meet you when I am unaccompanied…

And look! Basest hypocrisy! One is not supposed to wear headgear whilst in this building, but see what is here in the shop! Hats! Many, many hats! Aggies, make up your puny minds!

>|: [

* We do not say “Neener, neener, neer on Asgard.  That is a Midgardianism I have come to like. However, every culture in every realm among the Nine and beyond has an equivalent, and each is delivered with the same tune and impudent sing-song cadence. No one can explain why.   It is one of life’s true conundrums.