Day: April 10, 2014


Well, look at this! In this Memorial Student Center, there is a box for suggestions.

Absolutely, I have suggestions!

–Make up your feeble minds about the whole hat issue.

–Have the signs say “bank” if that’s all it is. Teasing is mean.

–Reconsider having a DOG as the patron deity when there is an actual god on campus.

–Try putting a door on the front of the building*

–I saw a photo mural being installed. It wasn’t of Loki. Fix that.

–Have a statue of me.

–And one of Sigyn. (She is such a modest soul–she is trying to fish that one back out.)

–And maybe one more of me.

–Too much maroon. I suggest green and black, with touches of gold.

–And could the decor perhaps look a little less like an airport terminal??**

>|: [

* I understand that before the recent “improvements” there had always been a large set of doors right where you’d expect them to be.  Now the front wall is doorless and people are confused.  Brilliant.

** It really does.

What in Midgard..?

…Is this thing? It makes me shudder just to look at it. You are warned. It is hideous.

Sigyn says that it is an oversized child’s toy and a representation of the canine totem animal of the students on this campus.

From the size and the amount of attention paid to it, I surmise, rather, that it is the patron deity of this place. People are even invited to take photos of themselves worshiping this stuffed, glassy-eyed behemoth.

No, Sigyn, my sweetling. You know that as a rule I can deny you nothing, but we cannot take it home with us…