Well, look at this! In this Memorial Student Center, there is a box for suggestions.

Absolutely, I have suggestions!

–Make up your feeble minds about the whole hat issue.

–Have the signs say “bank” if that’s all it is. Teasing is mean.

–Reconsider having a DOG as the patron deity when there is an actual god on campus.

–Try putting a door on the front of the building*

–I saw a photo mural being installed. It wasn’t of Loki. Fix that.

–Have a statue of me.

–And one of Sigyn. (She is such a modest soul–she is trying to fish that one back out.)

–And maybe one more of me.

–Too much maroon. I suggest green and black, with touches of gold.

–And could the decor perhaps look a little less like an airport terminal??**

>|: [

* I understand that before the recent “improvements” there had always been a large set of doors right where you’d expect them to be.  Now the front wall is doorless and people are confused.  Brilliant.

** It really does.

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