Day: April 14, 2014

Sigh. Still more flowers

An acquaintance inquired whether the hawthorn flowers were stinky.

Yes, Millie,

The hawthorn is unpleasantly scented. But this, the Photinia, smells worse, like dead fish, and is quite annoying. It is also weedy and garish.

It is my new favorite.

>|: [

Sigh. More flowers.

I think Sigyn likes flowers more than anything. She’s been looking through the human female’s library and reading up. She has also found a book about flower fairies and I think she wants to be one. She took me out “botanizing” (what a ridiculous word) again and insisted on flower fairy type photos. Here she is as the fairy of the evening primrose, the Lady Banks rose, the Scarlet pimpernel, and the blue curls. See, this is the flower they should have called bluehats, not that other one.

She made me be in the one with the hawthorn. I was sitting on a thorn, so it was painful as well as very undignified.

It took me a quite a long while to comb all the pollen out of her hair. Can we be done, now, please?
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