Day: April 15, 2014

More campus fun

Hahahahaha—I made it cold again. It was in the 80’s last week. Last night it nearly froze–and it’s April. These poor Aggies don’t know what to wear. Next week, I think there will be a sandstorm. Or hail. Or maybe a thick, yellowish fog…. Or maybe some of each.

When the weather was nicer, Sigyn and I went out on campus again. We put ourselves into the photo of the old YMCA building. Note the caption–it was constructed with a swimming pool in the basement, though there hasn’t been one there in decades. And then folks were surprised and dismayed a few years ago when a freak rainstorm flooded the campus and filled up the basement again. Stupid mortals. What did they expect? Buildings have long memories–the Y was just hankering after former glory.

There were a lot of hammocks cluttering up the green spaces that day. Here I am posing with a Midgardian named Matthew. (Sigyn was too shy to climb in with someone she didn’t know.) After this photo was taken, I dumped him out and laughed. When I rule the campus, people will be so busy scurrying around catering to my every whim that they won’t have time to dangle out of trees. Sigyn and I will have the only hammock, a special fancy one slung from the Courting Tree, It will have tassels. And comfy cushions. And a mosquito-repelling spell. and…