Day: April 16, 2014

Another ridiculous Midgardian holiday

The Midgardians are gearing up for another of their incomprehensible festivals. As best I can make out, this one involves the young of various farm animals, including sheep, ducks, and chickens,. There are fertility rites, as well as the commemoration of a slain rabbit who was revived to a state of perpetual hunger. The required propitiatory offerings to the Eater Bunny deity, appropriately enough, appear to be things which can be eaten, such as votive rabbits molded of chocolate, jellied birds’ eggs (ewww), and neon-colored rubbery blobs which resemble legless chickens. (I do not know what those are made of. I suspect it is nothing organic.)

When I rule Midgard, all the holidays and all the offerings will be for me! Is that not simpler?

And what is this? It is vaguely rabbit-like in form. Is it a minion of the Eater Bunny? I shall take preventive measures lest it try to eat *me.*