Day: April 17, 2014

She has no idea

The human female has NO idea what is about to descend upon her pointy head.

I found out today that not only did the human female know that Sigyn and I were trapped last month in that monster-ridden other world, she had the power to get us back here and did nothing to help.

I saw this poster the other day. The band name is appropriate to my mood and expresses what I long to unleash. However, a quick death is too good for her. From now on, she is going to suffer in a thousand little ways. I will be as insidious, as annoying, as obstructive, and as irritating as I can. I will dog her footsteps and interfere with her every enterprise. I will be the thorn in her side, the pebble in her shoe, the fly in her ointment, the dark cloud on her every bright horizon.

Trust my rage.

I shall begin by waylaying and robbing another of the Eater Bunny’s minions who is here to leave treats. Stand, lapine, and hand over those jellied birds’ eggs!