Day: April 18, 2014

Divvying up

Sigh. Sigyn says I’m not being very nice. That’s precisely the point, my sweetling, but just for you, I will share these jelly birds’ eggs with the humans, dividing them fairly.

One for them and one for me.

One for them and two for me.

One for them and three for me…

>|: [

So this is what the fuss is about

Well, it turns out that the jellied birds’ eggs are just a fruit-flavored gummy candy. No actual birdie bits. That does make them more appealing, and probably safer to eat.

Just to make sure they are safe, I will take a bite out of each one for you.

You’re welcome.

>|: [

p.s. The bites I don’t like I will spit out, leaving a trail of little sticky morsels behind me.