Day: April 27, 2014


The botany expedition that the human female dragged us on yesterday turned out to be a whole Biology Fair. The tent with the snakes and lizards was much less boring than the plant tent. (I always seem to get along well with snakes, though Sigyn was a bit apprehensive.)

The plant booth had pictures for small people to color and dead, dry leaves for them to make rubbings of. This is a curious activity. Mulch and compost as art? We don’t do this on Asgard. We don’t have crayons on Asgard, either. Asgardian children draw and paint, certainly, ​but little wax sticks that break easily? No. All in all, it seems rather pointless to delineate a leaf’s veins after they have ceased to function and then hang the result on the refrigerator.

Still, I think I did a fine job, much better than the sticky little beings who merely scribbled.