Day: May 6, 2014

truly desperate

Timing is everything, it seems. I visited the statue of the three-named statesman again yesterday. I learned that it is the custom for the students to dramatically increase their offerings during final exams each semester. Mr. Lawrence Sullivan Ross’ feet were quite heaped with coins! I even overheard someone say that they once saw an architectural model of a campus landmark constructed entirely of coins. You can be sure I augmented my meager funds substantially.

There was also a large number of small, folded-paper stars. I do not understand their significance–but it must have taken some time and effort to make them. One wonders if the maker’s time had not been better employed in actually studying
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Breakfast, a question

Some have enquired, “Where is Sigyn while all this mischief is going on?”

She has been visiting her sister, trying to make peace, while most of this breakfast battle has been raging. No doubt she’d be a bit disappointed in me, but the dear soul cannot bring herself to see anything but the good in anyone. As for her peacemaking, I am less hopeful of a good outcome than she. Apparently the five o-clock shadow I visited upon Gunnehilde is most remarkably persistent.

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