Day: May 8, 2014

But wait, there’s more!

I lied. I have one last breakfast trick. The human female could still conceivably grab a yogurt and run.

Except I’ve hidden the last one quite thoroughly. She’ll find it six weeks from now when it’s all furry and very, very expired.
>|: [‚Äč

What does Loki eat?

Someone wants to know what I have for breakfast.

Your concern is touching. What does Loki eat? Whatever I please. I am quick enough, subtle enough, that I can have my fill of whatever’s to hand before the humans even start piling plates. I make additions to the shopping list and menu, I adjust the spices while their backs are turned, I raid the pantry and fridge whenever I feel like it, and I always know precisely who ate the last piece of cake and how we can be out of marmalade again.

>| : d