Day: May 9, 2014

A holiday

Sigyn and I have accompanied the humans on a “mini-vacation” to another part of Midgard. The journey was long and rather boring, but we have now arrived at the home of some of their friends. (I didn’t think they had any, being such dull people.)

Luckily, the friends are *much* more interesting and hospitable than “my” humans, and they have offered refreshments. I am curious as to the components of this “earthquake cake,” which does indeed look as if it has sustained some geological catastrophe, its surface being fraught with numerous craters. Still, I am assured that it numbers chocolate among its ingredients, so I am prepared to like it.

Sigyn appears to have mistaken another of the offered treats for millinery. Dearest, it looks berry fetching* on you, truly, but I think that it is meant for eating, not wearing.

​*see what I did there? >|: [ The recipe for the cake is at: