Day: May 21, 2014

No clue (not even with 2 images)

Sometimes Midgardians and Midgardian things simply puzzle me.

Our visit to family and friends over, we are now driving back to where the humans live. (Hovel, sweet hovel.) We have stopped at a large, low building called, I believe, “Bucky’s” (I do not perceive any signs of the Winter Soldier, so I think we may be safe.)

I can safely say we have nothing like this on Asgard. The rows upon rows of fuel terminals. The rows upon rows of supposedly edible packaged snacks. The rows upon rows of needlessly cheerful, uniformed servants. The rows upon rows of useless trinkets, caged beverages, hot meats, pastries, and candy. (What is a “fudge”? Can someone enlighten me? It sounds vaguely rude.)

I think this must be some sort of shop or provisioning place for travelers. I also strongly suspect there is some spell upon this place. While it looks as if there is a nearly endless variety of goods, closer inspection reveals that each item is located in four or five different places. I think some trickster has replicated one small market several times over under one roof. By all the tales in all the Eddas, I swear it was not I! The signage and many of the items appear to depict some sort of hat-wearing rodent. Perhaps he is the culprit.

The human female has purchased some of these yellow, sticky, flexible hoops. I cannot tell what they are made of or what they are for.

They seem to be fairly light and spongy. I have it! They are a sort of flotation device for drowning swimmers. But why did she need thirty of them?

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