Day: May 23, 2014

Change is in the air

Sigyn and I are safely back from being dragged from pillar to post by the humans. The female returned to work only to be told she needed to move to a different office. I think she is being punished for slacking, because she is in a smaller room. She had to get rid of a whole book shelf and sort through all her belongings to get everything to fit. Boo hoo. Apparently she *hates* moving–too many boxes. Boxes and decisions. Boxes and decisions and furniture moving and sweating.

Ehehehehehe! There is no place for the white board!

​I did enjoy watching her frustration. I suppose I could have helped her sort things out, but it was more fun to just hide a few critical items. We’ll see how long it takes her to figure out what’s missing. She’s not very bright–I’ll probably get bored waiting. Perhaps I will amuse myself by drawing on this very blank wall. There is probably a permanent marker in this chaos some place…

​>|: [