Day: May 24, 2014

A slight improvement

The human female’s new office space actually has two things the old one did not.

The first is some truly frigid air conditioning. Is that due to the vagaries of the air-handling system or the whims of a certain Frost Giant? That is a very good question… Either way, it’s funny to see her bundled in a wool sweater when it’s in the high eighties outside.

The second is a *window.* The old office did not have one. Ugh. With more daylight, I can really see how gray she is going. (I, of course, have nothing to do with that.) And she did not need more distractions (birds, clouds, bits of blowing paper, stray dust motes…) However, I can now keep an eye on the domain I mean to rule. I think I may need to blow up the ugly yellow building blocking the view, though. It is very old and missing a few bits of its ornamentation. I do not think anyone will miss it.

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