Day: June 14, 2014

A Place to Call My Own

So, fair enough, the library would not let me check out the Book of Karl because I do not have a library card. I managed to read some of it here. I can now say that I think this Karl person was much mistaken. He was all about sharing. “Share” is not in my vocabulary.

And because I do not like to share, I have sought out my own locker/cubby. The desk staff will not let one have an entire carrel if one does not have a card but they will part with a “temporary” key to a locker. Here it is–locker 120! I was hoping that I could conduct surveillance through the grating at the front, but some fool has papered it over. Nonetheless, I can stockpile supplies here against the day I make my move to take over the campus.

I can also figure out which books the students need most during finals–and hide them all in here. Ehehehehe.

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