You can bet things are going to be different…

…when I take over this campus! I haven’t picked out a site for my palace yet, but I’ve been studying the floor plans of the Library Annex, and I believe with a little slave labor/ help from minions it could be converted into something that would do until the palace can be sited and built to my specifications.

First off, the stairs in the turret are just wrong. They spiral in such a way as to favor attackers over defenders. Modern architects–bah! They’ve forgotten everything their Medieval forbears knew how to do. Like dig a decent moat or plan for a proper torture chamber. Nope, those stairs have got to come out and be put in the other way.

I also need a portcullis that can be lowered to close off access from the walkway that connects to the library proper. And…


And… Well, you can see for yourself.


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