Day: June 20, 2014

A map (Here there be Lokis)

Or one Loki, anyway.

On my way out of the library, I have noticed this fine, quite detailed, three-dimensional map of the campus. Seeing the contours of the land should make siting my palace easier. (Good drainage is so important. However, there really isn’t any terrain to speak of in this part of Midgard. I have seen griddle cakes* with more relief.)

It would appear that a spot in front of the Systems Building, near the main entrance to the campus, would suit. I could have a hill erected so that my palace would command the view in any direction, and it would look well at the end of New Main Drive. I can stock the golf course ponds with swans and aquatic monsters. The tall Oceanography and Meteorology tower is a bit of a distraction, though. It will have to go.

Oh, and one other thing. I prefer a precise North-South-East-West alignment, and this whole place is off by about forty-five and a half degrees. Sloppy! Rotating everything will take a bit of effort, but I believe everyone will thank me in the long run.

>|: [

*Now I am hungry.