Day: June 27, 2014

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo… Where’d the stuff she ordered go?

I have determined that my mischievous influence can span the continent. Score! Let me see if I can condense the tale…

The human female frequently makes purchases of various goods as part of her “work.” On the fifteenth of May, she ordered two liters of chloroform. (I don’t know what she wanted it for; possibly she uses it to keep the rowdier students under control.) The chemical shipped from Illinois promptly on May 16 and began its journey toward Texas. It vanished in a town called Austin on May 23 and was given up for lost.

As there was an urgent need for the chloroform (students rowdier than usual?), the female purchased a small quantity from a local source as a stop-gap and called the vendor to initiate a reshipment of the missing two liters.

Still with me? On June 11, replacement chloroform was shipped from California, with a projected delivery date of June 16. The package was mis-routed, put off the truck, put back on the truck, and given a tour of the western half of the nation. June 16 merrily came and merrily went, and I enjoyed watching the human female rant and froth at the mouth.

On June 20, the *first* shipment showed up, with nothing to say for itself except, “Sorry I drooled and melted the packing styrofoam.”

Meanwhile, the second shipment arrived in a place called Dallas. Where it languished. For nearly a week, while the delivery date continued to show as June 16. (My magical abilities are great, but even I can’t go back in time!) It was at last delivered on June 26, in a stove-in box and no explanation.

So now she is swimming in confusion and chloroform. (Well, not actually, because that would be most unhealthy.) I consider this one of my finest pranks, and I have left her wondering not only what happened (I could make the boxes talk to satisfy her curiosity, but of course I will do no such thing) but also why in the Nine Realms one two liter shipment was billed as weighing 8 pounds and the other–identical!– was billed at 15!

Ehehehehe! I had fun with this one!
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