Day: July 2, 2014

Anything worth doing…

…is worth doing more than once.

Earlier this year, the building where the human female works was evacuated because of a gas leak. All of the building’s occupants stood on a nearby lawn and shivered in the cold, not knowing when they would be allowed to return. I found the chilly wind and the collective uncertainty of the crowd exhilarating.


The very next day, there was another evacuation. At first, everyone thought it must surely be a drill, but firefighters did in fact find a small fire! When the all-clear was sounded, there was a mad scramble to get back to class and to reclaim personal belongings.


The missed classes threw the laboratory schedules into complete disarray, driving students, instructors, and administrators truly mad.

Final examinations for the term are coming up. Gracious! I hope it doesn’t happen again.


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