Fun with seasonal fruit

Summer means fruit! Sigyn and I have been enjoying the fresh cherries the human female purchased. While they are not as good as the cherries in Asgard, they are still quite nice. Yesterday we found this strange double one. I do not trust it.


Sigyn suggested that we pull a pair of cherries in the same fashion that one might pull a wish bone.

(Do you know, I think Sigyn might be left-handed…)


Curses! Looks as if Sigyn will be getting her wish. No matter, if my love is happy, I am content.


I have heard that the ability to tie a cherry stem in a knot with one’s tongue denotes special skill with kissing. We have not put that to the test, but it is plain that Sigyn has more dexterity when it comes to cherry stems than I have. (I am still a good kisser, however. They do not call me “Silvertongue” for my elocutionary skills alone…)
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