Day: July 8, 2014


The humans have an affinity for games. The female likes word games, while the male prefers board games. Some of their friends joined them recently for a weekend that involved, as nearly as I can reckon, games, junk food, staying up too late, more games, more junk food, and a few more games.

Sigyn and I had no interest in the board games (most of them, I feel, ought to be called BORED games, because really, how can one play with bits of cardboard for three hours?!) We did, however, find one we enjoyed.


Sigyn won the first one. (She always plays red.) It was a good game because it involved physical exercise and dexterity with thinking. First we had to climb to the top in order to place our tokens


Balance was also involved, and a tolerance for heights.


(Oops. Seem to have knocked my helmet askew.) Careful, Sigyn! It’s a long way down!