Day: July 17, 2014

Housewarming, Part 7–I’m going to be (more) famous!

Apparently, one of the party guests is a writer from a very respected cooking magazine. She is quite taken with the food, the decor, and my sparkling repartee. She has whipped out a flat, portable computer device and has constructed what she calls a "mock-up" of a future issue of her publication, one which will be totally devoted to me and what I eat! It is no less than I deserve. When I rule Midgard, I shall be on the cover of every publication. This is a good start!

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Housewarming, Part 6–At last!

At last! A real meal is served.

Hmm. I do not know what manner of dish this be. I heard the mortals calling it "Johnbalaya."*

I do not trust it…
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*Sigyn, here.  Loki got the name a bit wrong, and it was delicious.  The recipe is here: