Day: July 30, 2014

into the woods


The human female has dragged us out into the howling wilderness. Oh, she says it’s a park, but I cannot be so easily fooled. There are no paved paths, no benches, no pavilions. There is mud and hot sunshine and unmowed grass. There are mosquitoes here, and ants, and spiders–and no doubt vicious beasts lurking in the undergrowth, just waiting to devour us.

I itch and we’ve scarcely left the parking lot.

Sigyn, of course, is entranced by the flowers. She has crawled up into this Beautyberry to smell its blossoms, and of course, I had to scramble up after her to make sure she’s safe. I guess the berries come later? It’s certainly not much to look at now.


No, my dearest is definitely the prettiest thing in this park.

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