Day: August 5, 2014

At the House of Burger, part 1–Not In My Food!

The human female can be a true slattern. She says they’re dining out to spend time with friends, but the truth is, she’s just too lazy to cook.

So here we all are at a place called the House of Burger, a small establishment run by a family who looks as if they might be Hogun’s kin. At first, I thought their surname was "Burger," which would make sense, you must admit. However, I have learned that a "burger" is a sort of Midgardian dish, one constructed of bread and grilled ground meat.

Thor would probably love it.

While we are waiting for our food, I am examining what’s on the table. There are a number of mysterious pink packages.


Despite the packaging, they apparently have nothing to do with music. Let us see… What does the label say?


By Fenrir’s whiskers! Are you sure this is meant to be eaten?

>|: b