At the House of Burger, part 2–Delicious Treats Coming Right Up!

This eatery is decorated with many strange objects. After examining this one, Sigyn and I have determined that it is some sort of clever device which will allow one to purchase one of the articles displayed upon insertion of a few coins and the turning of a handle.


The children of the friends dining with us insist that such machines usually contain candy. Bouncing candy! This I must see for myself. I have no coins, but if Sigyn will turn the handle, perchance I can shimmy up the delivery chute and work one loose so we can sample it.


>|: [


  1. OH NO!

    I am perpetually in “Mom/Grandma Mode” – ever watchful for dangerous situations and preventable accidents. I don’t see a small child happily walking around with a sharpened pencil, I see a fallen toddler with an object protruding from her eye. Refrigerator magnets within reach instantly translate to the choking and loss of consciousness of a nearby baby.

    One glance at the photo above caused a grisly scene to come to mind: Sigyn’s upper body & head falling from the toy dispenser while her lower half still remains lodged in the coin chamber; and Loki trapped inside the large glass display container, angrily waiting for his chance to escape with the next Super Bounce-a-Roo purchase.

    Hmmmm …. Now that I take a moment to ponder the potential consequences, I admit that while Sigyn’s possible dismemberment would be a terrible tragedy, Loki’s imprisonment would be far less than he deserves for tormenting a certain Midgardian female. After all, Lego bodies by their very nature designed for modifying and reassembling….

    >>>>> HEY, LOKI – I think there’s a particularly colorful sphere near the center of the supply that would be quite complementary to the shade of green in your cape, and almost worthy of a God such as yourself! <<<<<

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