Day: August 10, 2014

A Very Dangerous Question

Sometimes Sigyn and I like to poke about in the teaching labs at the human female’s work and try out the equipment. Sigyn likes to play and learn things. I am usually looking for things I can knock over, blow up, booby-trap, or use in my efforts to take over the planet.

Today we are examining the triple-beam balance. Antiquated, true, but potentially useful.


“Do you think I’m gaining weight?” Sigyn asks me.

In all the Nine Realms, there is no more dangerous question for a man to try to answer. I am weighing (ha ha) my options.

a) “Maybe just a bit. But don’t worry, it’s just more to love.”

b) “No, it’s just that outfit that makes you look a little hippy.”

c) “No, dearest, not at all. 6.8 grams is the perfect weight for you!”

d) “Never! In fact, I think you may have lost a little. Let’s go see if there are treats in the break room.”

I chose d).

Dodged that bullet.

I hope.

>|: [